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Tips for a successful pet session


If you’re thinking about booking a session for your furry one, or have already taken the steps to arrange a pet portrait sitting with us, you may be worried about preparing your pet. Here are some tips to make sure that your session goes as smoothly as possible, and that you are completely happy with the final portraits.

Scheduling the session

Consultation. All of our photo packages include a complimentary planning consultation to help get the most out of your photo session. We will discuss what kind of photos you’d like to achieve, the style, colours, outfits… We will also talk about your home decor, how you envision displaying your prints and design your session around your personal needs. Although we’ll go through most of the details in person or on the phone, we hope that this guide will help you find everything in one place.

During this time it is also important to for us to find out any anxieties your pet may have. For example, if they are easily frightened by loud traffic we can make sure not to plan our route around busy streets.

session LOCATION

The session can take place in your home, where your pet will be the most comfortable or on location such as their favourite dog park where they are free to play, excellent for action shots. As daylight is our most important resource, we photograph during the day. In the wintertime mornings are best as light starts to fade as early as 2pm.

In-studio sessions can also be arranged. While our location works best for smaller dogs, we can always accommodate larger breeds as well. We can get even more variety by mixing up indoors with outdoors just by stepping outside.

Planning for the session

Grooming. Just like us, pets need a little extra primping and prepping before the big photo session. After all, you want them to look their absolute best for the portraits. We recommend having your pet professionally groomed about 1 week before, so that it’s grown out just a little. Make sure their claws/nails are clipped and that they have been freshly brushed. Be sure to clean the eyes and mouth area; stain-reducing products can be helpful too if your white dog is prone to tear staining.

Outfits & Accessories. The majority of the session your pet will spend in their collar, if any. However you are more than welcome to bring any outfits or accessories you may have. They are a great way to add some variety and add that “aww” factor to the portraits.
If we are shooting outdoors and your dog is not so obedient, it is a good idea to invest into a simple but stylish longer leash that will look good in photos.

Outfits for you. Have a few outfits ready for each family member that will be photographed. Layers work well. Think light and pastel colours and dress for your body shape. Clothes that are too baggy doesn’t flatter anyone in photos so try to find some well fitting tops and tanks. See our pinterest board some inspiration.


on the day of the session

Bring their favourite toys & blankets to keep them comfortable. They can also play a part in the lifestyle part of the session. Think of it as “A day in the life of…”. These little things will become cherished memories of your pet and their personality.
Squeaky toys are ideal as they will capture your pets attention and can be used to aid in posing such as looking in a specific direction. We will have doggie treats on hand, but if your pet is fussy or has specific dietary requirements you should bring some of their favourite treats from home. Don’t forget to pack a water dish during hot summer days, your furry one will appreciate the refreshing beverage.

Walk it out. Make sure to take your pet for an extremely long walk and exhausting play session, right before the session. Keep them awake and alert. We want them to be tired during the session so that they can sit, pose, and even take a little nap. Tired puppy is an obedient puppy who is too tired to get distracted! If they are brimming with excitement and can’t sit still, it minimizes the chances of us capturing that perfect shot.
This is especially important if your dog is “hard of hearing” and likes to do things his own way rather than listening to your commands.

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